About Us

GoodBuyLeads is a digital marketing company located in Bergen County, New Jersey. We connect service providers with highly qualified potential customers. We work in a number of different verticals to provide our clients with the best quality leads at the best available prices. We offer variety of legal leads, insurance leads, home improvement leads, and education leads. We use our own websites and utilize best practices in SEO, SEM, and Social Media to generate our leads. We use our proprietary optimization techniques to ensure that we are ahead of the curve and are generating the highest quality of leads available.

At GoodBuyLeads we understand that our clients need the best quality leads delivered to them in real time. We work hard to always stay current with our marketing campaigns and be up-to-date on all SEO and SEM trends. Unlike some leads warehouse we are a boutique company and we value each and every one of our clients. We take our time to understand the wants and needs of our clients and use that information to build out the best possible program for them

GoodBuyLeads has vast background in lead generation space. Our management has been in the space since 2009 and has worked with other leaders in the space. We succeed by working with our clients to find out their needs and coming up with solutions that best suites them. We also work with the best available partners to help with our technology and make lead information sharing secure and fast.

If you or your business is in a need of high quality leads in legal, insurance, home improvement, education or any other field, please contact us to discuss farther.