Insurance Leads connects potential customers who are ready to buy an insurance policy to licensed insurance agents and carries who can support their needs. We work with a number of different insurance providers in a number of different insurance verticals to ensure we find the right home for the leads that we generate. Below are some of the insurance verticals that we work on.


We generate individual and family health insurance leads for people 18-64.5. Over 65 customers will be eligible for Senior Health Insurance plans. In a time where most companies are cutting back on health insurance plans most people are looking for the best possible insurance plans for best affordable price that fits their needs. Our filters for health insurance leads include age, geography, household income, scheduling, and more.

Senior Health Insurance

GoodBuyLeads generates Senior Health Insurance leads such as Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage leads for consumers 64.5 and older. Millions of Americans enroll in Medicare every year and most of these people will look for a Medicare Supplement plan to cover the gaps in their Medicare plans. We work to utilize our SEO capabilities to generate the highest quality leads in the hard to reach state around the county. Our filters for Senior Health Insurance include geography, schedule, policy details and more.

Life generates leads in Term Life, Whole Life, Simplified Issue Life, Accidental Death, and Final Expense/Burial Life insurance verticals. Life can have its uncertainties and people know it. They want to protect their loved ones in case of tragedy. Our clients look for variety of these types of leads and we do our best to fulfill their needs. We are able to filter the leads based on geography, schedule, household income, health profile, and more.

Home Insurance

We generate home and apartment insurance leads around the country from homeowners looking to buy new or change their existing policy. Our leads include first time buyers, renters, and investors. Filters include geography, scheduling, home profile, and more.