Legal Leads generates legal leads to connect customers with licensed attorneys. We connect people that are looking for legal advice from Criminal, Employments, Personal Injury, Auto Accident, and more. Consumers who fill out our lead forms are looking for consultation with an attorney and looking to hire one to help them in their cases.


Criminal leads are from people that have been arrested for or accused of a crime and are searching for legal advice from a Criminal Defense Attorney. Filters include geography, case details, income, and more.


Auto Leads are from customers who have been involved in automotive accident and are looking for legal advice. These could be case where the customer could be the victim or at fault. Filters include geography, insurance information, case information, damage type, and more.


Employment leads are from people that have been mistreated at work by an employer. We cover discrimination, harassment, overtime law, and other types of employment law. Filters include geography, employment details, age, and more.

Personal Injury

We collect high quality leads of people who have been injured and are looking for legal advice. These leads will include people that have been injured at work, home, businesses, streets, etc.. Filters include geography, case details, age, and more.

Other Legal Area

We also generate legal leads from people seeking legal advice on bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, medical malpractice, and more. If you are an attorney or affiliate and have questions, please contact us for more information.